November 2017

Film can be interpreted in two senses
Film can be interpreted in two senses

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, the film can be interpreted in two senses. First, the film is a thin film made of celluloid that is used to store negative images of an object. Secondly, the film is defined as a play or a live picture. In a special context, films are defined as live plays or motion pictures that are usually also stored in thin celluloid media in the form of negative images. Although now films cannot only be stored in celluloid membrane media only, movies can also be saved and played back in digital media. Therefore, many people go for free movie download

The history of film cannot be separated from the history of photography. And the history of photography cannot be separated from the support equipment, such as cameras. The first camera in the world was discovered by a Ibn Haitham. This physicist first discovered Camera Obscura on the basis of an optical science study using the aid of solar energy. Developing the idea of ​​a simple camera, began to find the cameras more practical, bahka innovation so rapidly growing so that the camera can begin to be used to record motion pictures. The basic idea of ​​a movie itself, think accidentally.


Use of melatonin for toddlers with ADHD
Use of melatonin for toddlers with ADHD

Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) often have trouble sleeping at night.Certain medications prescribed to treat this disorder can also trigger insomnia.Difficulty sleeping in children with ADHD is mainly due to decreased levels of melatonin in the body.Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland located in the brain. The pineal gland is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle.Disorders such as ADHD, epilepsy, and autism make melatonin levels below normal levels.This causes the child difficulty sleeping and make him drowsy during the day.In cases of difficulty sleeping, artificial melatonin can be given to the child to induce sleep.

Use of melatonin for toddlers: After conducting various studies, doctors concluded that melatonin may help ADHD children to sleep better, provided they are given in recommended doses.Difficulty sleeping makes the child feel weak and triggers various other neurological problems.Children are generally given about 0.3 mg or less of melatonin per day to treat sleep problems.Melatonin supplements should be given several hours before the child goes to sleep.Melatonin will also restore normal sleeping cycles and keep the child active during the day.

Side Effects due to Overdose.Melatonin taken over the recommended dose may cause some health problems.Long-term use of melatonin has the potential to make children feel anxious. This can affect concentration and make the child look confused.Some other side effects related to excessive use of melatonone and in the long term include:
• Uncomfortable stomach and pain
• Bedwetting
• Nightmare during sleep
• Mood swings
• Dizziness and headaches
• Irritability and aggressive behavior
• Seizures
• Abdominal heartburn or diarrhea
• Fatigue and weakness
• Loss of appetite
• Delayed puberty (seen in preteen children)
In general, however, melatonin supplements for ADHD children are considered safe, provided they are administered according to the physician’s instructions