December 2017

In the drama movie at lk21
In the drama movie at lk21
Not that the drama movie is always sad. However, only more inserted dramatic scenes.
In the drama movie at lk21, it was deliberately designed with a story that terms would be a dramatic scene. That is, the film is mostly pinned a story full of problems. The goal is to be able to arouse emotions and sympathy from the audience. That way, when watching a movie filled with this dramatic thing you will easily sympathize and cry watching every groove.
Conflict in the drama film is made in such a way as to be a complex problem experienced by his character. Each character plays a role. Figure C who always disturbs the life of character A, A’s character is always persecuted, and character B is always there to help him. So on and so intertwine the scene of each scene to be a dramatic story from the beginning of the story until the time comes happy ending or sad ending.
It is not just the force of gravity that requires the law of nature. Crying while watching a drama movie also applies the existence of natural law.
Maybe you’ve heard someone say “There are times when others are walking in front of you quickly, and then you behind it will also follow the fast run as well. So vice versa! “Then it’s the same as when you’re watching a drama. Not only when you see the character in the film is cried, but also when you see fellow spectators around you crying to watch the story of the movie.
It can be said that this is the law of nature. What a person feels or does can sometimes turn to you as well. When you look at others who are crying, then you will also feel sad and sobbing.
However, not all people can cry while watching a drama movie. Not that anyway, the movie filled with dramatic scenes is always causing sadness for the audience. However it depends on the situation and condition of the audience as well as in the vicinity. It’s the same as the six reasons above. Watching a drama is not about crying or not, but are you able to learn the lessons from the story? Come on, watch with your heart and cry while taking the wisdom presented!

2018 car models named Xpander
2018 car models named Xpander

“From the beginning I was talking when Xpander out, it will fill the segment of customers who need stylish models, like the first Cario,” said Executive General Manager PT Toyota Astra Motor, found in Sahid Sudirman Center, Central Jakarta.

Data owned by Toyota Astra Motor said, 40 percent of consumers low MPV came from wholesale buyers while 60 percent of personal consumers do like stylish cars. So, if the market fleet alias big party has been grasped, Toyota will also prepare the latest Avanza with many changes to answer the needs of consumers who want a stylish design.

Until now, Toyota admits it is still in the stage of study for the latest Avanza. Interestingly in the study period, aka pending completion, Toyota released Rush with a drastically changing design.

Even many people call, this car seems to try to ‘thump’ Xpander sales are fertile. No doubt if many parties judge this step is part of warming up for Toyota before actually releasing the Avanza with drastic changes.

“We start with Rush seven passengers and a stylish look. If Rush can track a stylish customer, maybe we will develop (new Avanza). But we will not leave the segment we have now 1.3 G MT (Avanza) is the most powerful and the largest composition 49 percent, “he said.

“Avanza has not gone down, about 10,000 units, 1.3 G MT is the most salable, because more rental and fleet customers,” said an expert, found in Jakarta.

Although aware of the trend of design changes, Toyota also claimed not to stay silent because now the automotive giant in Indonesia is claimed to be preparing the latest Avanza with drastic changes. This is important to perpetuate the nail business Avanza in the market that had been a car nicknamed ‘a million people’.

“We study again, why we study, because the 2018 car models segment (stylish) has entered two brands of Honda Mobilio and Xpander,” he said.


The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes
The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes
The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes determines the quality of your movement and performance.
Shoes are the most important equipment for a runner. The quality of movement and running performance will be greatly influenced by the suitability of the shoes used during the run. In general, the runner stomps his feet to the ground with a compressive force of about three to five times his weight. Such great pressure must be accepted by his feet and the ground on which to stand. Therefore, the selection of the right shoes can also minimize the risk of injury while running and help you run comfortably.
Things to consider in choosing runners choice shoes: 1. Shoe size, 2.The last or previous shoe, 3. Whether or not the problem with the shoes is worn now, 4. Biomechanical requirements. This refers to such things as characteristic or foot shape (normal arch, low arch, and high arch), type of foot movements (pronation, overpronation, and underpronation), and history of injury, 5. Circumstances around when you run, 6. Types of your running activities (adjust by running distance or race type)

Launched globally in February 2016, Clash Royale is the ‘sister’ of the phenomenal game Clash of Clans received a warm welcome, both from gamers and users of other gadgets. This game has also been downloaded millions of times in the Google Play Store app store and Apple App Store. Not without cause when the game is in demand. Clash Royale offers a fresh and exciting game genre to play on a regular basis.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Clash Royale brings gamers in real-time and offers competitive games. This interesting idea then try to be imitated by Gameloft. French special mobile game developer is back in action with his latest game titled Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. This game is actually a spin-off or extension of the game Blitz Brigade which is also released for iOS and Android.

Only, the game genre is made different. If Blitz Brigade has a first-person shooter game genre, then Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is more about strategy and tower defense. From our monitoring, this game is already available for Indonesia region application store. No need to spend, because this game is provided free of charge alias free. Like Clash Royale, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics requires an internet connection to play it.

This is because the game is done in real-time, player versus player. When viewed carefully, this game offers user interface and user experience is quite simple. Not much ceremony is served in the main menu. There are only rewards, divisions, and shops. The rewards menu is a menu that features suitcases or crates containing bonus items. New can be opened when it has reached the specified time limit. Like a crate item in Clash Royale. There are so many website which share the Clash Royale hack.

Just like Clash Royale, while the menu division provides information arena that has been achieved by the player. Each arena will present different Heroes. Well, to be able to move the arena is determined by how many glory points are achieved. Like for example at the beginning of the game, you can only play in the arena Boot Camp. Just after your glory points reach 600, the arena will move to Oil Refinery. Glory points can be reduced can increase, depending on losing or winning.


The popularity of Clash Royale game have spread all over the countries. No wonder that players in the world competed to get the best ranks in the game. This game used what are called as gold and gems for the source of wealth.

Players need to have a lot of it to purchase items and weapons they wanted. In that case, there are many Clash Royale hack which provided the application to help players to gain the wealth they wanted. Besides to gain the gold and gems, there is also a hack type which is helped players to unlock the locked cards.

In Clash Royale game, the cards are similar to the weapon and properties of the players. There are some best cards which always locked and is hard to unlock it. Players need to win many times and conquer many challenges in order to unlock the card. This way of course will make players spend many of their time in order to play the game, and leave their daily duty.

That only one case, another case is that some players gave up and leave the game completely, since them unable to reach their target. In order to prevent these matter, especially the latter, there is certain Clash Royale hack which will help players to unlock the best cards in the game.

However, the Clash Royale hack way for it also still need some time. Players should install an application namely WHAFF. This application is the way to gain the real dollars, but with some requirements. After downloading the WHAFF, player need to achieve minimum $10, and then they can get their rewards. They can exchange their amount of money with the cards in Clash Royale game, which is worth higher if you purchase it by real money. Overall, the hack is not always something instant, but can also require times too, which is can be classified as the effort to gain the goal.


Five tips on choosing a suitable car rental
Five tips on choosing a suitable car rental
Here are 5 tips on choosing a suitable car rental for the holidays:
The first tip of choosing the right car rental for a holiday is comparing the price. Look for price references from some car rentals and compare the prices of each rental. As you have been told before, do not be lulled by unreasonably cheap bargains. Create an average price from all rental companies so you can determine which rental companies offer low prices but still limited fair.
If possible, you can find interesting promotions that are offered so that your budget is saved. One more, do not be too visible do not know the rental price of the car at that time, because you may even have to pay the rental price is too expensive.
One additional, if you intend to travel on holiday, makes sure you do not book on the same day with your holiday. This is so that you avoid the stock of your desired car is empty or that you avoid car rental rates are more expensive than usual days.
Lease time
The second tip in choosing a car rental for a vacation is to pay attention to the rental time. Make sure you book the car a few days before your vacation. In addition to avoid the desired stock car out, the price offered was much cheaper than on the same day with the holidays.
Usually, car rental rental time generally for three days to a week, some even reach 10 days. The thing to note is to remember the start date of the rent until the expiration date of the lease. This is important so that you avoid the delay in returning.
Apart from the above, you can also look for lease times that offer promo-promo interesting, so you can minimize spending.
The default driver
Third, tips for choosing a car rental for a vacation is to find out whether there is a driver innate. If you include people who are lazy to drive a car for a long time and can not drive a car, the service of a driver innate will be very helpful.
Renting a car and driver will make your holiday easier. No need to feel tired of driving from one place to another. The driver with a ready stand will always take you wherever your holiday destination. In addition, you do not have to worry stray in an area that you do not know, because of course the driver knows in detail the streets to the sights.
One of the advantages of renting a rental car is you can have a driver whose cost includes the rental fee! Who is not interested in this offer, right? In addition to facilitate travel, the driver during the trip also seemed to add one of your holiday personnel. So, make sure you choose a driver who is fun to chat with, yes.
Special requirements
The fourth tip of choosing a car rental for a vacation is to prepare the requirements. For those of you who first use car rental services, you should prepare related documents. Actually, the requested requirements depend on each car rental company. There are rental companies that only ask for identity and driver’s license, some are asking for a family card.
All that,in fact, depends how familiar the rental owner is to his customers. If you have borrowed often, usually only the identity will be asked, but if for the first time you borrow a car, plus without a driver, the requirements will be more.
Responsibility and Wisdom
The fourth tip of choosing a car rental for a vacation is to be responsible for the borrowed car. Do not fall asleep as if it is yours, this is so you avoid the bad things that are not desired.
Meet the requirements set by the company that are actually for your good. Be careful during the trip, because the most important not only the car you rent, but also the safety of yourself during the trip.
Once again, before leaving for your destination, check again the condition of the car that has been selected. No need to hesitate to ask anything about the car to the employees, it is intended that you avoid problems during the trip. Even if the problem really happens later, you can immediately solve it yourself without the need to waste your time waiting for company employees to come.
That’s the tips this time about car rental for vacation in car Rental Company. If you are interested in renting a car during your vacation in Malang, you can rent a car at Malang Car Rental which provides affordable rental rates and various rental cars to choose from.
Do not worry about being cheated, because Https:// has become a trusted car rental after all this time. Service at Https:// Car Rental prioritizes security, comfort, and convenience for consumers.

The danger of obesity
The danger of obesity
The dangers of obesity can cause respiratory distress, due to excessive accumulation of fat under the diaphragm and on the chest wall to suppress the lungs. If this is allowed, it will cause a person to have difficulty in breathing. At bedtime, breathing disorders can stop for a while (obstructive sleep apnea).
The risk that can be experienced by a person suffering from obesity is type 2 diabetes. In obese people, insulin produced by the pancreas is disturbed by obesity complications that cannot work optimally to help cells absorb glucose. Because insulin work becomes ineffective, the pancreas continues to strive for more insulin resulting in less pancreatic ability to produce insulin.
According to research, a person suffering from obesity was more at risk of stroke than people who have a moderate body. This happens because obese people tend to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes that trigger a stroke.
In addition to the diseases mentioned above, there are many more health languages ​​that peep because of obesity, so are you sure still lazy to diet?
Trying to start losing weight by way of natural and healthy diet itself requires a high commitment because it takes regularity to get maximum results. Maintaining a desire to quickly lose weight and become slim is necessary, but changing the diet drastically let alone not eat even risked health problems as well. Despite trying hard, an unhealthy diet will not bring good effects in the long term although it can reduce weight instantly.
In the diet, rapid drastic weight loss is also not healthy because it can cause some health risks. In order for the results obtained from a healthy diet and for a long period of time, within a week enough half to one kilogram alone in a week.
Dietary consultant and teaching staff from the Department of Nutrition of Yogyakarta University, explains that to be able to cut 1.5 to 2 pounds, a person should cut calories as much as 750 – 1000 calories from daily needs. The reason, to be able to lose weight as much as one kilogram, a person must reduce calories as much as 500 calories per day. Automatically, to lose weight as much as 2 pounds, one should be able to cut calories as much as 1000 calories per day.
Ideally, weight should go down gradually so it can not directly reduce in large quantities, especially in a short time. Therefore avoid common mistakes that people often make when dieting and consume the right Best Weight Loss Pills 2018 from



The Benefit of Clash Royale HackClash Royale is one of the popular online games among the game player. It is very entertaining as well as very challenging and addictive, which make many game players are into this game. Similar to other games, there is no easy task for doing this game, and if the players need to build the big kingdom they need to have certain items, which should be purchased using Gold.

In fact, it is hard to gain Gold in the game, since player need to play several times and they will gain much Gold in the high stage, while in the high stage, they also will need more and more items and Gold. In order to ease the player, then the Clash Royale hack is created.

The Clash Royale hack is created by Clash Royale lovers and community, to help other players to obtain Gold in such easy way. There are several ways to hack the game and enriching the game account by installing certain application and download the Gold from it. Even though it means by cheating, but many Clash Royale gamers using this hacking method.

In fact, the Clash Royale hack is indeed brought many benefit to the players. Players can easily obtain the Gold within no time, and able to purchase items in the game. That will ease the game practice, and can make the player more addictive into it. Since they can purchase items in the games easily, they will fall in the game more and more, since it is very easy to achieve their goal in the game, and build the big kingdom within no time.

The players then will focus on the game more and competitive with other players, to reach the higher stage. However, for some player, the easy way might make them easy getting bored with the game. But in fact, Clash Royale always update their game stage, so that even player in higher stage won’t be easily bored and still enjoy the game.