January 2018

Explanations why Yeezys is expensive
Explanations why Yeezys is expensive

Adidas Yeezy seems like there is no end to always talk about, including fake Yeezys for kids.Many people are willing to follow the pre-order or even join the long queue to get abroad to get the sneakers who again deified. But actually there are things that prop in the mind, why sneakers prices become very expensive, ranging from Rp 15.000.000-50.000.000. And finally the question arises why Adidas Yeezy is super expensive with its cool design, futuristic and really nice to wear material. But what really makes these shoes so expensive? And here are the explanations:

  1. Materials and Engineering Manufacture

Adidas Yeezys is indeed made with unusual material, different with knit on clothes or hat. The making is done without stitching and then combined with sonic welding technique.

On the outside of the sol, Adidas uses an eva sponge material, while in the center of the sol within Adidas uses a boost pad. Another greatness of technology pinned on this shoe is the presence of anti-bacterial technology and can kill bacteria in the sneakers for health reasons.

  1. The difference is very far between the official Store with Retail

The retail price on Amazon.com, a pair of Adidas Yeezy valued at Rp 19.500.000 – Rp 48.000.000 and not including shipping cost. Meanwhile, if we check in the store, the price of a pair of Adidas Yeezy only Rp 2.600.000 but very difficult to get it through the store so that the sneakers hunters prefer to buy through retail.

  1. Kanye West is a Trend

Kanye West is no longer denied today is a figure who has influence in the world of entertainment. Not from the music, but also brings pop culture and fashion style is cool and very adherent in the younger generation. What Kanye used, will definitely become a trend.

  1. Sectional Artist

Not a few Hollywood artists who influenced Kanye West in fashion. Not just ordinary citizens like us, but these Hollywood artists are also waiting for Adidas Yeezy sneakers launching. Of course this will greatly benefit Adidas and Kanye West, because indirectly they are endorse by world celebrities for free.

  1. So Hype

Having used by Kanye and followed by other celebrities, it is certainly Adidas Yeezy will become viral in social media. And certainly people are curious and eager to buy sneakers

  1. Unbalanced Supply and Demand

Adidas Yeezy sneakers demand tremendous amounts, while production is only made with a limited amount either because it wants to create an exclusivity or just a marketing strategy. This situation is actually used by resellers to sell Adidas Yeezy with a higher price.


Some people who had done the hard exercise widely known as Piyo gave the Beachbody Piyo reviews which mostly said that the exercise is tiring. Indeed, this exercise consumed up many energy in order to burn the fats and build the great body.

As the participant of the Piyo workout, you need to combine the movement from Pilates, jumping and running at place, and even do some martial arts, then how could that doesn’t drain your energy? In spite of that condition, there are some conditions for you to reduce the feeling of tired while doing this exercise. One of the most important thing is drink a lot of mineral water.

Beachbody Piyo Reviews To Conquer the Tiredness

If you feel that Piyo exercise is just too hard for you and drain your energy, it means that your body is dehydrating. Drink many mineral water 30 minutes before doing the exercise, and then drink again after doing it. Since Piyo will drain your energy, you should fill it up by consuming enough amount of mineral water, and is recommended to avoid energy drink and even instant drink. How about juice?

You can drink juice after the exercise, but make sure to not add the sugar within the drinks. Based on the Beachbody Piyo reviews, if you recharge your energy this way, your fatigue will decrease and after sleeping at night, you will even feel fresher in the next morning.

Warming Up Is Important

Another reason you felt over fatigue during doing this exercise is because you didn’t do proper warming up. If your body doesn’t accustomed well with sport and exercise, then your heart will beat harder which can be dangerous if it doesn’t accustomed with the hard exercise.

Therefore do some side exercise like jogging and walking to the office, and it will make your heart comfort with your current taking Piyo exercise. In addition, the Beachbody Piyo reviews said that it is very important to consume meal with full of nutrients while doing this exercise.


Create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere
Create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere

There are many ways you can do to create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere. In addition to decoration, luxury bedspreads UK choice, light arrangement also plays an important role in providing significant changes in the atmosphere. Here is what you should do in setting the lighting in the bedroom. That way your bedroom will feel more comfortable and romantic.

Things that should be done

  • Place the socket into a single line (linear) so as not to disturb the look of space. This way is also useful for the cable path looks tidier.
  • Place the switch near the bed to make it easier for you when you want to turn off or turn on the lights.
  • Complete lighting with a dimmer system, so you can adjust the intensity of light as you wish; dim or bright.
  • Hide the light behind the ceiling (indirect lighting), so the light is not too dazzling. Indirect lighting is also proven to create a cool and romantic space.

Luxury Bedspreads UK soft color

Use soft color of luxury bedspreads UK that will bring warm sensation and atmosphere for your bedroom. Do not use too crowded or too light bedspreads color that will make bedroom looks overcrowded.

Avoid installing general lighting right on the bed because the light will feel very dazzling and disturb the comfort of sleep. You can use table lamps placed on either side of the bed to illuminate the reading activity before going to bed.

Also avoid choosing white lights. The atmosphere of the bedroom will feel warmer and more comfortable when using a yellowish light bulb.


Meet me again here which am of course relentless to share various tips to you all about Android Games Cheat. And this time I will explain about how to Easy Root Android Using Framaroot. For those who do not know what it is framaroot I will explain briefly about this one application.

Framaroot is an application that is devoted to the root process android pal you of course without the need of help from the PC. With just one click then android pal have been rooted perfectly.

There are various devices that support this root application.

Step to Framaroot for Android Games Cheat

1. Make sure my friend has downloaded the application.
2. Once downloaded install Framaroot-1.9.3.apk that my friend had downloaded earlier.
3. Open the app, and then see “Select an action to execute after root”. Just select “Install superSU”
4. Then select include exploit which android pal whether Gandalf or Aragon or anything else listed on the exploit list.
5. If the message appears like in the picture below then restart your android pal.
6. Once your android is revived, search and see if there is a SuperSU app like in the picture.
If yes, then your congratulations android has been completely rooted smoothly
That’s all my post this time about How Easy Root Android Using Framaroot. Hopefully they are useful for all my friends out there.
Note: In the event of undesirable things, I am not responsible for this, because the risk is bear by each. Trial And Error is the key to success.