9 Popular Tourist Destinations at HongKong

In addition to skyscrapers and landscapes, Hong Kong has many attractions that can be free. Hong Kong is one of the most sought after tourist destinations by Indonesian tourists. Did you know that in addition to skyscrapers and beautiful natural scenery, Hong Kong provides many sights that you can enjoy for free:

1. Hong Kong Museum of Art
The museum has over 15,000 collections of the finest artworks in Hong Kong, ranging from paintings, historic photos, ceramics, to calligraphy. Just like most other museums in Hong Kong, you can enjoy it for free every Wednesday.

2. Hong Kong Heritage Museum
The museum has various historic Hong Kong collections, ranging from folk art, toys, comics, other pop culture relics, to ancient Chinese artifacts. This museum also shows the process of mixing of Western and Eastern cultures and its influence on the development of Hong Kong from the past until now. In addition, every Saturday at 14.30-15.45, there is a special Cantonese Cantonese Opera class that you can follow for free

3. Hong Kong Museum of History
Here, you can see the development of Hong Kong from the Devonian era of 400 million years ago until finally they re-joined China or China in 1997.

4. Hong Kong Racing Museum
Horseracing has become a popular sport in Hong Kong since it was introduced by the British in colonial times. At Hong Kong Racing Museum, you can see the history of the horse race in Hong Kong, including the daily life of the horse trainers. In addition, unlike the three previous museums that only provide free entry every Wednesday, admission fee to Hong Kong Racing Museum is always free every day. The museum also provides a free tour guide for visitors.

5. Hong Kong Space Museum
As the name implies, this museum demonstrates historic achievements in space science and astrology.

6. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum
History enthusiasts would love to be in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum. Here you can learn about the twentieth-century revolution, the way it was used to defeat the Qing Dynasty, to the end. Sun became the first interim president in the People’s Republic of China.

7. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens are home to over 1000 plant species, 500 birds, as well as other animals, including orangutans, lemurs, pythons, and flamingoes. Take your child here, they will like it.

8. Symphony of Lights
Stop by Victoria Harbor! Every 8 pm you can see the highly popular Hong Kong’s The Symphony of Lights show for its beauty. The show made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” for involving more than 40 tall buildings along the harbor, laser lights, spotlights, and fireworks. In addition, this light show is also accompanied by music and narration that make it truly mesmerizing.

9. Avenue of the Stars
Avenue of the Stars is Hollywood Walk of Fame of Hong Kong. Here, you can see hand prints of Hollywood and Hong Kong artists, such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. The good news is that you can walk here and take pictures for free.

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