5 Things you didn’t know about Jeju Island

Many travelers love to go to Seoul for vacation especially to Jeju Island. But going there won’t be fun if you never know more what thing is interested about Jeju Island. Want to know more what thing is interested about Jeju Island?

Below are 5 Things you may not know about Jeju Island

1. Jeju Island is a volcanic island
Jeju Island was located between the Southwest of the Korean Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. In Korean, “island” and “road” are the same sound, so it is necessary to distinguish between “Jeju Island” and “Jeju road”. Jeju Island is an elliptical volcanic island located at the southernmost tip of Korea the largest island in the country.

2. Jeju Island is close to Japan
Jeju is located at the nearest Nagasaki prefecture Goto Islands Island about 180 km. In the winter, due to the influence of the northwest seasonal wind similar to the peninsular part and the topographical factors rising in Hallasan Mountain in the center of the island, wind is strong and the temperature difference between the north and south of the island is large. You can visit this site for more Seoul Travel Guide.

3. Jeju city on the northern side is as cold as Tokyo
This because the wind is strong, the sensible temperature is still lower, there are also snowfalls of the same degree (more than once a year) compared to the Kanto region. On the other hand, in Seogwipo located in the south, the average temperature in January is 6.8 degrees Celsius with a warmer climate, the temperature in the day is over 10 degrees, corresponding to the climate in Kochi prefecture in Japan and northern part of Miyazaki prefecture in Japan.

4. Jeju International Airport is located in the north of the island
Adjacent to the city area of Jeju. To go to this airport, Narita Airport has 7 flights a week (Korean Air and JAL flight), Kansai International Airport has 10 flights a week (Korean Air and Jeju Air), Fukuoka Airport has 3 flights a week (Asiana Airlines) and there are also flights from Beijing Capital International Airport. On the maritime side, ferries are in service between Busan and Mokpo. There are many bus services on the island, but there is no railway

5. Jeju which was once a kingdom named Tamra
Jeju is the island that became a mainstay of South Korean tourism. The island with a warm climate is indeed famous for its beautiful scenery and a variety of unique attractions. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you will realize that the island is almost always the setting in the dramas.

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