6 Tips to Prepare for Trip to HongKong

For those of you who want to vacation in East Asia but do not bother preparing for a visa, then Hong Kong is the right destination. A number of interesting things we can do here, ranging from visiting Madame Tussauds Museum, playing in Disneyland, to shopping for cheap trinkets. Before flying to a country known for this Dimsum delicacy, here are 6 things you should know to make your vacation run smoothly and fun such as:

1. Three-leg electric plug
Unlike the local mobile phone charger and laptop using two-leg electric plug, Hong Kong actually apply a three-foot electric plug. In most hotels it already provides additional electrical plug for international visitors. But you should still carry the international electrical plug in order to still be able to recharge the phone batteries in public places such as restaurants. For easier tips, anyway, just bring powerbank. Do not miss important moments because the camera or phone battery is off.

2. Free mineral water
Yep, same as in Japan, in public place in Hong Kong also available faucet for us who want to fill bottle with drinking water. So make sure you do not forget to bring a bottle to avoid drinking mineral water. In Hong Kong, the price of mineral water varies between 8-10 dollars

3. Lodging, between Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay area
Tsim Sha Tsui located in Kowloon area offers cheap hostels suitable for backpackers. Some of the famous ones are in Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion, a tall building in Hong Kong that provides very cheap hostels. Its strategic position is on Nathan Street which is very crowded and quite walking distance to Tsim Sha Tsui train station. But if you go alone or want a more comfortable place, hostels in the Causeway Bay area can be an option. In addition to the area is cleaner and quieter, the price of eating at restaurants and shops around it is also more friendly than Tsim Sha Tsui.

4. Octopus Card for all transactions
This card is a kind of electronic wallet issued by banks in Indonesia. With Octopus Card we can pay all kinds of public transportation, shopping in mini market, to eat at restaurants. You can buy them at the Customer Service Center Airport or MTR Customer Service Center for $ 150 (Hong Kong), with a balance of 100 dollars and a 50 dollar deposit. For top up balances you can do with a nominal starting from 50 dollars. As soon as the holiday ends, return this card to get a refund deposit and the remaining balance ($ 9 rebate if refunded less than 3 months).

5. Sim Card for Internet
If you are traveling to Hong Kong instead of on a job, you do not actually need to buy a local internet sim card. Almost in all hostels and public places in the city provide free wifi. But if you still want to have internet connection at any time, you can buy Discover Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card sold at the airport, especially in the 1010 center is open starting at 7 am. There are two package options, namely 5-Day Pass which contains internet quota of 1.5 GB (88 dollars) or 8-Day Pass with 5 GB internet quota (118 dollars). By using this card, you also use free wifi in places that provide wifi CSL.

6. Bus as an alternative transportation from the airport to the city center
Once you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, you can take a taxi, Airport Express train, or bus to the city center. However, the cost would have been different.

Alternatively, you can also take the Airport Express train that will take you to Hong Kong (Central) station; it costs 180 dollars to commute. The journey takes only an hour.

But if you want to save money and not hunted time, it helps you choose a bus. You see, the price of bus tickets is much cheaper, which is only 40 dollars one way. Inside the bus there is a large shelf to put the suitcase so no need to worry with your luggage. Travel time to the middle of the city by bus can indeed reach an hour, but at least you can save money while enjoying the view of the city of Hong Kong during the trip. Happy walking around

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