Explanations why Yeezys is expensive
Explanations why Yeezys is expensive

Adidas Yeezy seems like there is no end to always talk about, including fake Yeezys for kids.Many people are willing to follow the pre-order or even join the long queue to get abroad to get the sneakers who again deified. But actually there are things that prop in the mind, why sneakers prices become very expensive, ranging from Rp 15.000.000-50.000.000. And finally the question arises why Adidas Yeezy is super expensive with its cool design, futuristic and really nice to wear material. But what really makes these shoes so expensive? And here are the explanations:

  1. Materials and Engineering Manufacture

Adidas Yeezys is indeed made with unusual material, different with knit on clothes or hat. The making is done without stitching and then combined with sonic welding technique.

On the outside of the sol, Adidas uses an eva sponge material, while in the center of the sol within Adidas uses a boost pad. Another greatness of technology pinned on this shoe is the presence of anti-bacterial technology and can kill bacteria in the sneakers for health reasons.

  1. The difference is very far between the official Store with Retail

The retail price on, a pair of Adidas Yeezy valued at Rp 19.500.000 – Rp 48.000.000 and not including shipping cost. Meanwhile, if we check in the store, the price of a pair of Adidas Yeezy only Rp 2.600.000 but very difficult to get it through the store so that the sneakers hunters prefer to buy through retail.

  1. Kanye West is a Trend

Kanye West is no longer denied today is a figure who has influence in the world of entertainment. Not from the music, but also brings pop culture and fashion style is cool and very adherent in the younger generation. What Kanye used, will definitely become a trend.

  1. Sectional Artist

Not a few Hollywood artists who influenced Kanye West in fashion. Not just ordinary citizens like us, but these Hollywood artists are also waiting for Adidas Yeezy sneakers launching. Of course this will greatly benefit Adidas and Kanye West, because indirectly they are endorse by world celebrities for free.

  1. So Hype

Having used by Kanye and followed by other celebrities, it is certainly Adidas Yeezy will become viral in social media. And certainly people are curious and eager to buy sneakers

  1. Unbalanced Supply and Demand

Adidas Yeezy sneakers demand tremendous amounts, while production is only made with a limited amount either because it wants to create an exclusivity or just a marketing strategy. This situation is actually used by resellers to sell Adidas Yeezy with a higher price.


The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes
The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes
The accuracy of choosing runners choice shoes determines the quality of your movement and performance.
Shoes are the most important equipment for a runner. The quality of movement and running performance will be greatly influenced by the suitability of the shoes used during the run. In general, the runner stomps his feet to the ground with a compressive force of about three to five times his weight. Such great pressure must be accepted by his feet and the ground on which to stand. Therefore, the selection of the right shoes can also minimize the risk of injury while running and help you run comfortably.
Things to consider in choosing runners choice shoes: 1. Shoe size, 2.The last or previous shoe, 3. Whether or not the problem with the shoes is worn now, 4. Biomechanical requirements. This refers to such things as characteristic or foot shape (normal arch, low arch, and high arch), type of foot movements (pronation, overpronation, and underpronation), and history of injury, 5. Circumstances around when you run, 6. Types of your running activities (adjust by running distance or race type)