Launched globally in February 2016, Clash Royale is the ‘sister’ of the phenomenal game Clash of Clans received a warm welcome, both from gamers and users of other gadgets. This game has also been downloaded millions of times in the Google Play Store app store and Apple App Store. Not without cause when the game is in demand. Clash Royale offers a fresh and exciting game genre to play on a regular basis.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Clash Royale brings gamers in real-time and offers competitive games. This interesting idea then try to be imitated by Gameloft. French special mobile game developer is back in action with his latest game titled Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. This game is actually a spin-off or extension of the game Blitz Brigade which is also released for iOS and Android.

Only, the game genre is made different. If Blitz Brigade has a first-person shooter game genre, then Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is more about strategy and tower defense. From our monitoring, this game is already available for Indonesia region application store. No need to spend, because this game is provided free of charge alias free. Like Clash Royale, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics requires an internet connection to play it.

This is because the game is done in real-time, player versus player. When viewed carefully, this game offers user interface and user experience is quite simple. Not much ceremony is served in the main menu. There are only rewards, divisions, and shops. The rewards menu is a menu that features suitcases or crates containing bonus items. New can be opened when it has reached the specified time limit. Like a crate item in Clash Royale. There are so many website which share the Clash Royale hack.

Just like Clash Royale, while the menu division provides information arena that has been achieved by the player. Each arena will present different Heroes. Well, to be able to move the arena is determined by how many glory points are achieved. Like for example at the beginning of the game, you can only play in the arena Boot Camp. Just after your glory points reach 600, the arena will move to Oil Refinery. Glory points can be reduced can increase, depending on losing or winning.


The popularity of Clash Royale game have spread all over the countries. No wonder that players in the world competed to get the best ranks in the game. This game used what are called as gold and gems for the source of wealth.

Players need to have a lot of it to purchase items and weapons they wanted. In that case, there are many Clash Royale hack which provided the application to help players to gain the wealth they wanted. Besides to gain the gold and gems, there is also a hack type which is helped players to unlock the locked cards.

In Clash Royale game, the cards are similar to the weapon and properties of the players. There are some best cards which always locked and is hard to unlock it. Players need to win many times and conquer many challenges in order to unlock the card. This way of course will make players spend many of their time in order to play the game, and leave their daily duty.

That only one case, another case is that some players gave up and leave the game completely, since them unable to reach their target. In order to prevent these matter, especially the latter, there is certain Clash Royale hack which will help players to unlock the best cards in the game.

However, the Clash Royale hack way for it also still need some time. Players should install an application namely WHAFF. This application is the way to gain the real dollars, but with some requirements. After downloading the WHAFF, player need to achieve minimum $10, and then they can get their rewards. They can exchange their amount of money with the cards in Clash Royale game, which is worth higher if you purchase it by real money. Overall, the hack is not always something instant, but can also require times too, which is can be classified as the effort to gain the goal.


The Benefit of Clash Royale HackClash Royale is one of the popular online games among the game player. It is very entertaining as well as very challenging and addictive, which make many game players are into this game. Similar to other games, there is no easy task for doing this game, and if the players need to build the big kingdom they need to have certain items, which should be purchased using Gold.

In fact, it is hard to gain Gold in the game, since player need to play several times and they will gain much Gold in the high stage, while in the high stage, they also will need more and more items and Gold. In order to ease the player, then the Clash Royale hack is created.

The Clash Royale hack is created by Clash Royale lovers and community, to help other players to obtain Gold in such easy way. There are several ways to hack the game and enriching the game account by installing certain application and download the Gold from it. Even though it means by cheating, but many Clash Royale gamers using this hacking method.

In fact, the Clash Royale hack is indeed brought many benefit to the players. Players can easily obtain the Gold within no time, and able to purchase items in the game. That will ease the game practice, and can make the player more addictive into it. Since they can purchase items in the games easily, they will fall in the game more and more, since it is very easy to achieve their goal in the game, and build the big kingdom within no time.

The players then will focus on the game more and competitive with other players, to reach the higher stage. However, for some player, the easy way might make them easy getting bored with the game. But in fact, Clash Royale always update their game stage, so that even player in higher stage won’t be easily bored and still enjoy the game.