Five tips on choosing a suitable car rental
Five tips on choosing a suitable car rental
Here are 5 tips on choosing a suitable car rental for the holidays:
The first tip of choosing the right car rental for a holiday is comparing the price. Look for price references from some car rentals and compare the prices of each rental. As you have been told before, do not be lulled by unreasonably cheap bargains. Create an average price from all rental companies so you can determine which rental companies offer low prices but still limited fair.
If possible, you can find interesting promotions that are offered so that your budget is saved. One more, do not be too visible do not know the rental price of the car at that time, because you may even have to pay the rental price is too expensive.
One additional, if you intend to travel on holiday, makes sure you do not book on the same day with your holiday. This is so that you avoid the stock of your desired car is empty or that you avoid car rental rates are more expensive than usual days.
Lease time
The second tip in choosing a car rental for a vacation is to pay attention to the rental time. Make sure you book the car a few days before your vacation. In addition to avoid the desired stock car out, the price offered was much cheaper than on the same day with the holidays.
Usually, car rental rental time generally for three days to a week, some even reach 10 days. The thing to note is to remember the start date of the rent until the expiration date of the lease. This is important so that you avoid the delay in returning.
Apart from the above, you can also look for lease times that offer promo-promo interesting, so you can minimize spending.
The default driver
Third, tips for choosing a car rental for a vacation is to find out whether there is a driver innate. If you include people who are lazy to drive a car for a long time and can not drive a car, the service of a driver innate will be very helpful.
Renting a car and driver will make your holiday easier. No need to feel tired of driving from one place to another. The driver with a ready stand will always take you wherever your holiday destination. In addition, you do not have to worry stray in an area that you do not know, because of course the driver knows in detail the streets to the sights.
One of the advantages of renting a rental car is you can have a driver whose cost includes the rental fee! Who is not interested in this offer, right? In addition to facilitate travel, the driver during the trip also seemed to add one of your holiday personnel. So, make sure you choose a driver who is fun to chat with, yes.
Special requirements
The fourth tip of choosing a car rental for a vacation is to prepare the requirements. For those of you who first use car rental services, you should prepare related documents. Actually, the requested requirements depend on each car rental company. There are rental companies that only ask for identity and driver’s license, some are asking for a family card.
All that,in fact, depends how familiar the rental owner is to his customers. If you have borrowed often, usually only the identity will be asked, but if for the first time you borrow a car, plus without a driver, the requirements will be more.
Responsibility and Wisdom
The fourth tip of choosing a car rental for a vacation is to be responsible for the borrowed car. Do not fall asleep as if it is yours, this is so you avoid the bad things that are not desired.
Meet the requirements set by the company that are actually for your good. Be careful during the trip, because the most important not only the car you rent, but also the safety of yourself during the trip.
Once again, before leaving for your destination, check again the condition of the car that has been selected. No need to hesitate to ask anything about the car to the employees, it is intended that you avoid problems during the trip. Even if the problem really happens later, you can immediately solve it yourself without the need to waste your time waiting for company employees to come.
That’s the tips this time about car rental for vacation in car Rental Company. If you are interested in renting a car during your vacation in Malang, you can rent a car at Malang Car Rental which provides affordable rental rates and various rental cars to choose from.
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Many travelers love to go to Seoul for vacation especially to Jeju Island. But going there won’t be fun if you never know more what thing is interested about Jeju Island. Want to know more what thing is interested about Jeju Island?

Below are 5 Things you may not know about Jeju Island

1. Jeju Island is a volcanic island
Jeju Island was located between the Southwest of the Korean Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. In Korean, “island” and “road” are the same sound, so it is necessary to distinguish between “Jeju Island” and “Jeju road”. Jeju Island is an elliptical volcanic island located at the southernmost tip of Korea the largest island in the country.

2. Jeju Island is close to Japan
Jeju is located at the nearest Nagasaki prefecture Goto Islands Island about 180 km. In the winter, due to the influence of the northwest seasonal wind similar to the peninsular part and the topographical factors rising in Hallasan Mountain in the center of the island, wind is strong and the temperature difference between the north and south of the island is large. You can visit this site for more Seoul Travel Guide.

3. Jeju city on the northern side is as cold as Tokyo
This because the wind is strong, the sensible temperature is still lower, there are also snowfalls of the same degree (more than once a year) compared to the Kanto region. On the other hand, in Seogwipo located in the south, the average temperature in January is 6.8 degrees Celsius with a warmer climate, the temperature in the day is over 10 degrees, corresponding to the climate in Kochi prefecture in Japan and northern part of Miyazaki prefecture in Japan.

4. Jeju International Airport is located in the north of the island
Adjacent to the city area of Jeju. To go to this airport, Narita Airport has 7 flights a week (Korean Air and JAL flight), Kansai International Airport has 10 flights a week (Korean Air and Jeju Air), Fukuoka Airport has 3 flights a week (Asiana Airlines) and there are also flights from Beijing Capital International Airport. On the maritime side, ferries are in service between Busan and Mokpo. There are many bus services on the island, but there is no railway

5. Jeju which was once a kingdom named Tamra
Jeju is the island that became a mainstay of South Korean tourism. The island with a warm climate is indeed famous for its beautiful scenery and a variety of unique attractions. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you will realize that the island is almost always the setting in the dramas.


Having tight budget will not stop us from vacation to South Korea as we have several tips to apply to have wonderful trip there such as:

1. Do not Miss Discount Coupons and Other Offers You Can Get from the South Korean Government

South Korean government is really serious to develop tourism to become one of the mainstays of foreign exchange. The seriousness can be seen from the way they ‘serve’ travelers who visit the country. You will find all the information you need there.
Most importantly, on the site you will also be able to find many discounts specifically intended for foreign tourists. Each month the promotion is different so you should check the site frequently for the latest information. Take advantage of the opportunity to be free or discount that will certainly save your pocket.

A. Shopping Coupons
You will find an e-coupon or internet coupon that you can print at home before leaving for South Korea. By bringing the coupon, you will be able to discount shopping or discounted entrance fees of tourist attractions. You do not even need to register or fill in any information to download these coupons. Just download and print all the promotions before you leave for South Korea, free of charge.

B. Do not hesitate to Contest to Be a Special Offer
In addition to discount coupons, the Korean government must also have special offers like contests that you can follow to win special prizes. The contest is open to anyone and the prize is pretty good. Some have won free lodging, free tours, to K-pop artist concert tickets. Just try, who knows you’re lucky!

C. Goodwill Guide and Free Tour
The Korean government also has a special service called ‘goodwill guide’ for you who are confident in your ability to navigate yourself there. This service is free at no charge; you just have to send a request email to them some time before your departure. This program is not just made to pamper foreign tourists you know. Besides being a cultural exchange place, volunteers who will be our guide also use this opportunity to hone their foreign language skills

Besides the free tour guide, you will also find free tours in South Korea organized by the government as well as certain communities. You just need to send a registration form by email or get together at certain hours to join these tours. Suppose such a transit tour held by the government at Incheon Airport. If you have a few hours before your return to Indonesia, register yourself at the airport to be able to walk again for free.

D. Visit the Office of the Korean Tourism Office (KTO)
Here you can join in activities like Korean calligraphy or craft classes, play traditional Korean games with other travelers, or take pictures of traditional outfits. And you can do all these activities for free. Here also there is a special museum Hallyu or ‘Korean Wave’ that you can visit also with especially if not free. Just do not forget to come to this office while you’re there

Before you plan your tour budget or museum visit in South Korea, you should first check the discount or free activities offered by the Korean government almost every month on its official website. It could be throughout your journey you cannot even spend a dime for the streets aka Korean government sponsored holiday. How cool is the Korean government’s way of luring tourists to visit?! It is clear that more and more people are on holiday to South Korea if the government is as good as this.

2. Adjust Transport Mode In accordance with Your Needs and Goals

The South Korean government really knows how to pamper foreign tourists. For transportation matters, you do not need to be confused anymore. In South Korea, there is an integrated transportation card that will get you around South Korea very easily. With that card you can pay the bus, subway, taxi, even pay your grocery at some convenient store.

There are regular versions of ‘T-Money’ and a special version of the ‘Seoul City Plus Pass’ tourist whose price is not much different. If you buy a special tourist, you will get a variety of discounts to enter the sights and 5% discount for a special tourist bus ticket, ‘Seoul City Tour Bus’ which just stop at tourist attractions. But if you do not have enough time or are not interested in visiting all the sights, the usual ‘T-Money’ will be a more economical choice, just adjusted towards your needs there.

The more important thing to consider is the option to use the bus, subway (subway), or taxi. The choice to ride a bus or subway is not always going to be the cheapest option to get around in South Korea. Taxi costs are not too expensive and comfort is laughed

The case of missing luggage is experienced by hundreds of passengers every day around the world. Do these simple tips before you experience missing luggage:

1. Do not check in last minute.
Allow enough time for the attendant to take care of your luggage and make sure the label attached to the luggage attached to your luggage is the right destination.

2. Avoid choosing connecting flight schedules too close.
If your plane is delayed, then the time to take care of moving your luggage to the next flight is getting narrower. The possibility of mistakes made by officers will be greater in conditions of work in a hurry.

3. Give special characteristic in your suitcase
Give special characteristic in your suitcase whether it is a strikingly colored ribbon or accessory, to minimize the likelihood of a suitcase in the wrong conveyor taken by someone else. Also give your contact information outside and in the suitcase, so the clerk can contact you, if your luggage is scattered.

4. Do not put precious objects in the suitcase that will enter the trunk.
The case of a suitcase burglary by a rampant person occurs. Photograph the contents of your suitcase and the shape of your suitcase. That way, you can check if there are any items in the suitcase that disappear or show the officer the shape of your suitcase, if lost.

5. Avoid purchasing too expensive luggage bag
As if it is missing, the flight insurance that we bought might not pay us the compensation as much as what we have spent for the expensive luggage bag. The flight company might only pay half of the luggage bag price compare to the total amount of what we have paid before.

For those of you who like vacation, you should not travel without security guarantees. Pay attention to these 4 things to make your vacation safe and comfortable:

1. What risks may occur during the trip? Some of which are always present: accidents, flight delays, flight cancellations, health impairments at destination, lost luggage, and fire.

2. Benefit you get. For example, the transfer of flight schedules, cancellations of travel schedules because of things beyond control, medical evacuation, whether the insurance also protects your residence from unexpected events, such as fire or theft.

3. Do not be afraid to ask. Some insurers do not explicitly explain the terms of the flight cancellation refund or flight schedule change. You should make sure that how this provision applies by asking directly to the agent.

Travel insurance is an important part that should be involved when you want to travel both domestically and abroad. Such insurance can not only be beneficial to yourself but also the people who are around you and other things left behind at home. Choosing the best travel insurance is very important because it is able to provide optimal protection and assurance of guarantee in case of unexpected things during the trip.

Currently, there are still many people who have not realized how important travel insurance when traveling. If disaster strikes, material losses are almost inevitable. Under such conditions a person will usually realize how important it is to get travel insurance.

In general, travel insurance has a function similar to the general insurance that is as one form of protection. What distinguishes this insurance with other types of insurance is only valid within a limited period of time during which the premium owner to travel until coming home.

Unfortunately there are still many people who do not know that travel insurance consists of a variety of types. The range of protection and benefits offered is greatly influenced by the amount of premiums paid.

However, the types of benefits normally offered by travel insurance are as follows:

The insurer will provide a sum of money for death or loss of limbs or total paralysis caused by accidents occurring on the way.

Double Closing:
Compensation to be given for personal accidents is usually duplicated if an accident occurs while on a scheduled commercial airplane.

Emergency Treatment:
Some travel insurance products provide benefits of emergency medical expenses. If you get sick while traveling and need a high cost for treatment, then this insurance can provide compensation in accordance with the costs to be paid or in accordance with the maximum amount that has been determined.

Medical Evacuation:
Some of the best travel insurance products provide 24-hour assistance facilities for emergencies around the world.

Baggage and Personal Goods:
This Insurance shall bear the loss arising from damage or loss of luggage during the trip, including any items in it or goods used during the trip. Even some insurance products will provide compensation in case of baggage delay within 12 hours more.

Travel insurance usually offers protection against a number of cases such as replacement of a scorch advance due to matters beyond the policyholder’s authority, flight delays over 12 hours, and the cost of food and beverage accommodation arising from continuous flight.

Home Protection:
This benefit aims to pay for damages caused by fire upon the insured whole house in an empty position due to the trip being made.
Tips on Choosing the Best Travel Insurance
Currently there are various kinds of travel insurance products on the market. Of course you hope to find the best service. Here are some things to find the best travel insurance.

Researching Coverage
Overview of all travel insurance policies look the same. Details about what clauses are covered and not covered can make a big difference. For example, although all policies generally offer emergency medical expenses, details on what coverage is covered, and exceptions may vary.

Compensation for flight delays, loss of documents, and loss of baggage are covered by the majority of policies. On the other hand, compensation for death or accidental disabilities may not be offered by all policies. Accident benefits are very important, especially when people fall into an adventure holiday. You should not just buy a policy that has the maximum coverage but that is in accordance with the each condition.

Goal Coverage
Perhaps the travel insurance company offers a policy that offers global coverage or only offers coverage in a specific geographic area. But there may already be sub clauses and exceptions in this regard. Similarly, when traveling to areas that are considered risky. For the area the premiums to be paid may be higher. In addition, the restrictions are also more stringent.

Health condition
Usually insurance companies do not bear the health conditions that have been there before. Although it seems to be beneficial to hide the health conditions that have been experienced before, when a claim occurs then the insurance company may ask for details of medical history that led to the claim was rejected.
You should be encouraged to explain all the details of health in the early stages with actual in order to avoid claim rejection.

For those of you who want to vacation in East Asia but do not bother preparing for a visa, then Hong Kong is the right destination. A number of interesting things we can do here, ranging from visiting Madame Tussauds Museum, playing in Disneyland, to shopping for cheap trinkets. Before flying to a country known for this Dimsum delicacy, here are 6 things you should know to make your vacation run smoothly and fun such as:

1. Three-leg electric plug
Unlike the local mobile phone charger and laptop using two-leg electric plug, Hong Kong actually apply a three-foot electric plug. In most hotels it already provides additional electrical plug for international visitors. But you should still carry the international electrical plug in order to still be able to recharge the phone batteries in public places such as restaurants. For easier tips, anyway, just bring powerbank. Do not miss important moments because the camera or phone battery is off.

2. Free mineral water
Yep, same as in Japan, in public place in Hong Kong also available faucet for us who want to fill bottle with drinking water. So make sure you do not forget to bring a bottle to avoid drinking mineral water. In Hong Kong, the price of mineral water varies between 8-10 dollars

3. Lodging, between Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay area
Tsim Sha Tsui located in Kowloon area offers cheap hostels suitable for backpackers. Some of the famous ones are in Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion, a tall building in Hong Kong that provides very cheap hostels. Its strategic position is on Nathan Street which is very crowded and quite walking distance to Tsim Sha Tsui train station. But if you go alone or want a more comfortable place, hostels in the Causeway Bay area can be an option. In addition to the area is cleaner and quieter, the price of eating at restaurants and shops around it is also more friendly than Tsim Sha Tsui.

4. Octopus Card for all transactions
This card is a kind of electronic wallet issued by banks in Indonesia. With Octopus Card we can pay all kinds of public transportation, shopping in mini market, to eat at restaurants. You can buy them at the Customer Service Center Airport or MTR Customer Service Center for $ 150 (Hong Kong), with a balance of 100 dollars and a 50 dollar deposit. For top up balances you can do with a nominal starting from 50 dollars. As soon as the holiday ends, return this card to get a refund deposit and the remaining balance ($ 9 rebate if refunded less than 3 months).

5. Sim Card for Internet
If you are traveling to Hong Kong instead of on a job, you do not actually need to buy a local internet sim card. Almost in all hostels and public places in the city provide free wifi. But if you still want to have internet connection at any time, you can buy Discover Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card sold at the airport, especially in the 1010 center is open starting at 7 am. There are two package options, namely 5-Day Pass which contains internet quota of 1.5 GB (88 dollars) or 8-Day Pass with 5 GB internet quota (118 dollars). By using this card, you also use free wifi in places that provide wifi CSL.

6. Bus as an alternative transportation from the airport to the city center
Once you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, you can take a taxi, Airport Express train, or bus to the city center. However, the cost would have been different.

Alternatively, you can also take the Airport Express train that will take you to Hong Kong (Central) station; it costs 180 dollars to commute. The journey takes only an hour.

But if you want to save money and not hunted time, it helps you choose a bus. You see, the price of bus tickets is much cheaper, which is only 40 dollars one way. Inside the bus there is a large shelf to put the suitcase so no need to worry with your luggage. Travel time to the middle of the city by bus can indeed reach an hour, but at least you can save money while enjoying the view of the city of Hong Kong during the trip. Happy walking around


In addition to skyscrapers and landscapes, Hong Kong has many attractions that can be free. Hong Kong is one of the most sought after tourist destinations by Indonesian tourists. Did you know that in addition to skyscrapers and beautiful natural scenery, Hong Kong provides many sights that you can enjoy for free:

1. Hong Kong Museum of Art
The museum has over 15,000 collections of the finest artworks in Hong Kong, ranging from paintings, historic photos, ceramics, to calligraphy. Just like most other museums in Hong Kong, you can enjoy it for free every Wednesday.

2. Hong Kong Heritage Museum
The museum has various historic Hong Kong collections, ranging from folk art, toys, comics, other pop culture relics, to ancient Chinese artifacts. This museum also shows the process of mixing of Western and Eastern cultures and its influence on the development of Hong Kong from the past until now. In addition, every Saturday at 14.30-15.45, there is a special Cantonese Cantonese Opera class that you can follow for free

3. Hong Kong Museum of History
Here, you can see the development of Hong Kong from the Devonian era of 400 million years ago until finally they re-joined China or China in 1997.

4. Hong Kong Racing Museum
Horseracing has become a popular sport in Hong Kong since it was introduced by the British in colonial times. At Hong Kong Racing Museum, you can see the history of the horse race in Hong Kong, including the daily life of the horse trainers. In addition, unlike the three previous museums that only provide free entry every Wednesday, admission fee to Hong Kong Racing Museum is always free every day. The museum also provides a free tour guide for visitors.

5. Hong Kong Space Museum
As the name implies, this museum demonstrates historic achievements in space science and astrology.

6. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum
History enthusiasts would love to be in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum. Here you can learn about the twentieth-century revolution, the way it was used to defeat the Qing Dynasty, to the end. Sun became the first interim president in the People’s Republic of China.

7. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens are home to over 1000 plant species, 500 birds, as well as other animals, including orangutans, lemurs, pythons, and flamingoes. Take your child here, they will like it.

8. Symphony of Lights
Stop by Victoria Harbor! Every 8 pm you can see the highly popular Hong Kong’s The Symphony of Lights show for its beauty. The show made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” for involving more than 40 tall buildings along the harbor, laser lights, spotlights, and fireworks. In addition, this light show is also accompanied by music and narration that make it truly mesmerizing.

9. Avenue of the Stars
Avenue of the Stars is Hollywood Walk of Fame of Hong Kong. Here, you can see hand prints of Hollywood and Hong Kong artists, such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. The good news is that you can walk here and take pictures for free.


If you are on holiday to South Korea, maybe this is one of the must-visit tourist destinations. Nami Island, or Nami Island is certainly already very familiar in the ear, especially for lovers of Korean dramas. Nami, the island with its distinctive trees does look very beautiful and romantic in winter, located in the Cheongpyeong Dam area, in Chuncheon-si area, Gangwon-do. The tiny island has a diameter of 6 kilometers and an area of about 460,000 m2, is in a semicircle or like a bowl.

Nami Island itself gets its name taken from the name of one of the heroes of South Korea, namely General Nami. The mausoleum of the jederal is also on this island. But the name of the island is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist attraction after being used for shooting the drama series “Winter Sonata” starring Bae Yong-jun and Choi Ji-woo. I still remember once the “Winter Sonata” started reaching Asia, including Indonesia, my female friends who love Korean artists are so crazy about Bae Yong-jun. Since the drama produced in 2002 exploded, so did visitors who came to Nami Island.

I happen not to come to this island in the winter. So what I enjoy is the greenery that stretches around Nami Island. At that time I came on the weekend, so no wonder if the island is quite crowded with the crowd. But I finally managed to find a rather quiet spot, walking around the island and enjoying the serenity, along the path that lies on the edge of the lake.

Indeed Nami Island is very attached to the image of “Winter Sonata”, around the island various locations that have been used for shooting will be given special marks and information about the scene in the series that is immortalized in the place, including the statue of the main cast. But for me who never watch “Winter Sonata”, the visit to Nami is driven by curiosity and curious as to what is the most popular island in South Korea.

That afternoon I was taking a walk to visit Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, suddenly remembered that the next day had a plan to go to Nami, and had not had time to come to the Naminara Republic representative office. Upon looking at the watch, it was close to 5 pm and seemed to be overtaken if you had to go to the Insadong area, where the office is located.

Finally I decided to call the office and was surprised to hear that the bus that goes from Insadong every day is full and there is only an empty bench on Monday, or 2 days later. But before I give up and hung up, suddenly on the other side there was people said if for 2 people there is still a bench. Of course I am very happy! And it is said the next morning I stay to the bus waiting at Tapgol Park

The journey from Seoul to Nami takes about 1.5 hours. Naminara Republic Bus, which is provided only one bus every day, departs at 09.30 am. Around 11 noons we arrived at Gapyeong Pier. Here we have to go to the counter to make a ‘visa’ alias ticket to go to Naminara Republic. Yes, it is also funny Nami is considered as a country of its own, a fantasy land. After purchasing tickets and snack on corn on the cob, we headed to the ferry that will take across the Han River, for about 10 minutes. These ferries are dotted with flags from various countries around the world.

In addition to the memorabilia around “Winter Sonata”, this island is quite interesting to visit. Like the country itself, when we enter the island, on the front there is also a small building which is a bank, where we can exchange Won with the currency of this Naminara country. Also a large board containing welcome “Welcome To Naminara Republic”. On both sides of the road there is various welcome board, including those from Indonesia. Naminara is really a small country that upholds friendships with all the countries of the world.


1.With Train
A few days earlier, my friend had been to Nami by train from Cheongyangni Train Station in Seoul, to Gapyeong Train Station which is not far from Nami Island. Travel by train will take about 75 minutes. From Gapyeong station, the journey is continued by taxi to Gapyeong Pier. Taxi rates are about 3,000 won.

2.With ITX Express
Now also has opened a new line of train ITX (Intercity Train Express) with the route from Yongsan Station in Seoul to Chuncheon, Gangwon-do province. You can ride from Yongsan Station (Line 1, dark blue) or from Cheongyanni Station (Line 1, dark blue / Jungang Line).
The journey from Cheongyanni Station to Gapyeong Station (the closest station from Nami Island) takes approximately 45 minutes, while from Yongsan Station will be much longer. The ITX train ticket is 5,700 Won. Later stay to continue taxi ride to Nami Island from Gapyeong Station.

3.With Shuttle Bus
As I mentioned earlier, I decided to take the Naminara Republic Shuttle Bus. Each day the bus departs from Tapgol Park / Pagoda Park at 09.30 am and returns from Nami Island at 16.00. To join this Naminara Republic bus we have to pay the ticket of the bus for 15.000 Won PP, and later to go to Nami must pay the ticket or the term Visa Entry of 8,000 Won for foreign tourists. While for Koreans have to pay tickets for 10,000 Won.

A Note to Remember:
– We recommend you call a few days in advance, especially if you go on weekends.
– Payment can be made by bank transfer, or cash which will be given directly to the bus driver.
How to get to Tapgol Park / Pagoda Park at Insadong:
– Take Line 1, 3 or 5 to Jongno 3 (sam) -ga Station and exit Exit 1, go straight to see Tapgol Park / Pagoda Park.
– Take Line 1 to Jonggak Station and exit Exit 3, go straight to Tapgol Park, where you will see the buses parked beside it.

Finally my curiosity paid off already, visiting the most popular tourist spot in South Korea, Nami Island. Although until this moment I have not had time to watch an episode of “Winter Sonata”, but I also can enjoy this interesting island.


Who does not dream of a holiday to South Korea? In order for the journey more comfortable and enjoyable, read the first 5 tips a walk to the country of KPOP

From Seoul to Jeju Island, South Korea has many tourist destinations. Not just the landscape and culture, shopping became a list of fun that is done there.

1. Create an itinerary
First, of course you have to prepare itinerary aka travel schedule. Want to travel how many days to South Korea and want to stop by any destination. So, you can properly budget your budget.

On the internet, there are already a lot of examples of holiday itinerary information to South Korea. You can read and make reference. Or if you want to create your own itinerary, it’s no problem as well. Prepare maps, so you can make travel itinerary correctly.

2. Book tickets ahead of time
South Korea has 7 international airports and its main airport is Incheon which is connected to various countries in the world, including Indonesia. There are 3 direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul, with a total of 25 flights during the week.

3. Know the weather in South Korea
From the official Visit Korea website, Korea has four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring starts from the end of March to early May, where you can see the blossoms of cherry blossoms.

Summer starts from June to August, and the peak summer is August with temperatures around 23 to 26 degrees Celsius. The weather is very hot towards the end of July until the end of August.

Autumn in Korea starts from September to November. The cold autumn air is also dry, and the sky is blue with a little cloud. Autumn is a beautiful season with falling leaves. Gingko trees and Maple trees change the color of their leaves to yellow and red throughout Korea.

Winter in Korea typically begins between December and February, with the coldest temperatures appearing in January reaching minus 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. While the best time to visit South Korea is in the autumn months, from September to November.
Do not get the wrong fashion there. LOL..

4. Buy T-Money
Do you know South Korean people everyday use T-Money to ride public transportation, such as buses and subways? Be it in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Daejeon, Incheon, Daegu, and Busan. T-Money can be found at subway stations.

By using T-Money, you can more easily pay each time you take public transportation. No need to spend cash, or bother opening a wallet. Moreover, T-Money can also be refilled.

In addition, when using T-Money, public transportation fares are cheaper than 100 won to pay with cash. Fun, T-Money can be used when transferring from one bus to another, one subway line to another, or from bus to subway or vice versa.

5. Take advantage of free tours in Seoul
Visit Korea Site which is the official site of South Korean tourism, showing a lot of information about tourist destinations, accommodation to transportation. One more, through the site, tourists can order a free tour!
Yes, the free tour is called Walking Tours. So, tourists will be invited to ride the bus and around the city of Seoul without charging a dime. Some destinations such as, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Han Sangsu Embroidery Museum, Buddhist Art Museum and others. There are many travel itineraries that can be selected according to taste.

This Walking Tour booking can be booked 3 days before the trip. As for the place to take the bus, there are at two locations, namely Insa Art Center and Bukchon Culture Center. Tour guides were prepared to accompany the trip, they can also explain in English.


Traveling to Hong Kong only a few days will not be enough as there are so many other places not to missed at Hong Kong such as below:

1. Garden of Stars
It is a temporary place to replace the renovated Avenue of Stars until 2018. The Garden of Stars contains Bruce Lee statues, Anita Mui, and also a list of Hong Kong star signatures such as Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fat and Cecilia Cheung. So if you had time to watch movies or drama Hong Kong as a child first, do not miss to stop by here. From the Garden of Stars you can also enjoy beautiful views of Victoria Harbor. How to get there: take the MTR and get off at East Tsim Sha Tsui station

After photographs at the Garden of Stars, it is time to have lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui area that provides a variety of places to eat. One of the bustling restaurants is the Hunghom Café, which serves a variety of Chinese food at a price per serving of noodles or fried rice. How to get there: walk from the Garden of Stars.

2. Golden Beach and Repulse Bay
If you want to enjoy the other side of Hong Kong, then you can go to the beach area and relax from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Golden Beach and Repulse Bay are two of the favorite beaches of local residents as well as foreign tourists. In addition, Big Wave Bay Beach is popular among surfers and is home to some prehistoric stones.

3. Kowloon Walled City Park
Walk through Hong Kong’s history in Kowloon Walled City Park with lots of stories to tell. Initially, this place became a refuge for Chinese refugees after World War II. Afterwards, this place became an unattractive slum. Now, however, this place has been transformed into a beautiful garden built following the classic Jiangnan style with a striking pavilion.

4. Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail and Dragon’s Back Trail
In addition to the building and beach, Hong Kong also has 24 exciting national parks as a hiking spot. Some of the popular ones are Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail and Dragon’s Back Trail. Only an hour away from the city center, these places are ideal for your holiday destination.

5. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
Still a natural tour, you can also visit the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden to see a variety of bird species. You can also shop at the open market while enjoying the soothing scenery.

6. Bank of China Tower
One of the most exciting activities in a city with many skyscrapers is enjoying the city skyline from a height. This activity you can do for free at Bank of China Tower. Climb to the observation deck on the 43rd floor and enjoy the scenic views of Victoria Harbor

7. The Big Buddha
The Tian Tan Buddha or The Big Buddha is one of the popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong that you can enjoy for free! Located on Lantau Island, this 34-meter-high Buddha statue is the highest Buddha statue in the world. You’ve been able to see his whereabouts even since you were still on the cable car. Do not forget to prepare your camera and get ready to take pictures.


South Korea’s position as a tourist destination of the world lately skyrocketed sharply. Yes one of the reasons, especially if not a K-Pop fever that is infecting everywhere. But for those of you who are not K-pop fans though, there are still a thousand other reasons why you should visit this country.

There you can find innovations that will make you feel that you’ve been living in Stone Age. But at the same time, you can also find a line of traditionally well-preserved hundreds-year-old Hanok houses standing side by side with skyscrapers. The harmony between tradition and modernity is what you cannot find anywhere else.

South Korea is a friendly country really for tourists, whether it’s a thick or thin pocket how so. If you know the right information, you’ll be surprised at what you can get cheaply or for free in South Korea. This time we will share powerful tips so you can realize your dream of adventure to South Korea with economical possible.

1. Choose Cheapest Route towards Korea
Although there are direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul, sometimes you will find the lowest prices on other routes that require transit, especially if you are looking for discounts from foreign airlines. Suppose with AirAsia airline based in Kuala Lumpur. You will find far more promos and discounts for the Kuala Lumpur-Seoul route than Jakarta-Seoul. Moreover Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur ticket prices are also not too expensive, so the total is often cheaper than direct flights. If you rarely find promos from your hometown, be diligent to find promos on other routes.

But with that option, you need to be careful to manage your expenses during the transit so as not to swell. It’s useless if you get cheap tickets but have to pay extra for lodging and food. So consider all these factors carefully so you can get the cheapest ticket.

2. The Effective Overnight Option That Will Make You Meet Many New Friends
The cheapest choice of lodging, of course, if we can seek a free inn or have free ride in friends place or make new friends through Couchsurfing.

A. Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa)
If you often watch Korean drama, you must be no longer alien to this place. That’s where Korean people bathe or relax together with their colorful uniforms and funny towels on their heads. The place that the concept kayak integrated spa center is indeed typical of Korea really. You will not find it in other countries.

Originally this place is a public bath alias for people bathing, massage, and rejuvenates their skin. But thanks to the open 24 hours, many Koreans who return home use jjimjilbang so place to stay. Moreover, the price is much more oblique than other hotels or types of lodging. The entry price of jjimjilbang varies between 6,000-14,000 KRW, depending on the hours and completeness of the facility.

The price is pretty good right? But if you really intend to spend the night here during your journey, there are some things to be reckoned with. First, the lockers provided in this place are usually very small so maybe your suitcase or backpack will not fit. You may be able to leave at the receptionist or look for a large locker that is usually available at the train station. Second, you will sleep on a thin mattress and nudge each other.

Exciting too, if you can get acquaintances and chanting gossip with ahjumma (aunty) who are often social gathering there. But our suggestion may be you can make jjimjilbang choice of stay for a day or two day of your entire journey.

B. Hostel
According to us, a hostel or guesthouse is the best choice for you travelers with a limited budget in order to stay able to rest well at night. Especially in South Korea, this is currently crowded with tourists. Business lodging cheap kayak hostel or guesthouse is so increasingly stretched, to the extent that many Korean artists are also follow-up open the inn for a side business. So you do not need to worry about finding an inn that suits your taste and budget because the choice of hostels in Korea is a lot. But the most important is the price is very competitive.

With a range between 8500-9500 won, you can get a dormitory type that you will share with 8-10 others. But if you have more budgets and need your privacy or your own room, private rooms in inns are also not too expensive. The price ranges between 25000-50000 won with facilities that have equaled the hotel. Besides the price,personalized service and gathering experiences with other travelers from all over the world are also the attraction of hostels or guesthouses you will never find in a hotel.