Create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere

Create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere
Create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere

There are many ways you can do to create a comfortable and romantic bedroom atmosphere. In addition to decoration, luxury bedspreads UK choice, light arrangement also plays an important role in providing significant changes in the atmosphere. Here is what you should do in setting the lighting in the bedroom. That way your bedroom will feel more comfortable and romantic.

Things that should be done

  • Place the socket into a single line (linear) so as not to disturb the look of space. This way is also useful for the cable path looks tidier.
  • Place the switch near the bed to make it easier for you when you want to turn off or turn on the lights.
  • Complete lighting with a dimmer system, so you can adjust the intensity of light as you wish; dim or bright.
  • Hide the light behind the ceiling (indirect lighting), so the light is not too dazzling. Indirect lighting is also proven to create a cool and romantic space.

Luxury Bedspreads UK soft color

Use soft color of luxury bedspreads UK that will bring warm sensation and atmosphere for your bedroom. Do not use too crowded or too light bedspreads color that will make bedroom looks overcrowded.

Avoid installing general lighting right on the bed because the light will feel very dazzling and disturb the comfort of sleep. You can use table lamps placed on either side of the bed to illuminate the reading activity before going to bed.

Also avoid choosing white lights. The atmosphere of the bedroom will feel warmer and more comfortable when using a yellowish light bulb.

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