Economical Tips to Travel to South Korea

South Korea’s position as a tourist destination of the world lately skyrocketed sharply. Yes one of the reasons, especially if not a K-Pop fever that is infecting everywhere. But for those of you who are not K-pop fans though, there are still a thousand other reasons why you should visit this country.

There you can find innovations that will make you feel that you’ve been living in Stone Age. But at the same time, you can also find a line of traditionally well-preserved hundreds-year-old Hanok houses standing side by side with skyscrapers. The harmony between tradition and modernity is what you cannot find anywhere else.

South Korea is a friendly country really for tourists, whether it’s a thick or thin pocket how so. If you know the right information, you’ll be surprised at what you can get cheaply or for free in South Korea. This time we will share powerful tips so you can realize your dream of adventure to South Korea with economical possible.

1. Choose Cheapest Route towards Korea
Although there are direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul, sometimes you will find the lowest prices on other routes that require transit, especially if you are looking for discounts from foreign airlines. Suppose with AirAsia airline based in Kuala Lumpur. You will find far more promos and discounts for the Kuala Lumpur-Seoul route than Jakarta-Seoul. Moreover Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur ticket prices are also not too expensive, so the total is often cheaper than direct flights. If you rarely find promos from your hometown, be diligent to find promos on other routes.

But with that option, you need to be careful to manage your expenses during the transit so as not to swell. It’s useless if you get cheap tickets but have to pay extra for lodging and food. So consider all these factors carefully so you can get the cheapest ticket.

2. The Effective Overnight Option That Will Make You Meet Many New Friends
The cheapest choice of lodging, of course, if we can seek a free inn or have free ride in friends place or make new friends through Couchsurfing.

A. Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa)
If you often watch Korean drama, you must be no longer alien to this place. That’s where Korean people bathe or relax together with their colorful uniforms and funny towels on their heads. The place that the concept kayak integrated spa center is indeed typical of Korea really. You will not find it in other countries.

Originally this place is a public bath alias for people bathing, massage, and rejuvenates their skin. But thanks to the open 24 hours, many Koreans who return home use jjimjilbang so place to stay. Moreover, the price is much more oblique than other hotels or types of lodging. The entry price of jjimjilbang varies between 6,000-14,000 KRW, depending on the hours and completeness of the facility.

The price is pretty good right? But if you really intend to spend the night here during your journey, there are some things to be reckoned with. First, the lockers provided in this place are usually very small so maybe your suitcase or backpack will not fit. You may be able to leave at the receptionist or look for a large locker that is usually available at the train station. Second, you will sleep on a thin mattress and nudge each other.

Exciting too, if you can get acquaintances and chanting gossip with ahjumma (aunty) who are often social gathering there. But our suggestion may be you can make jjimjilbang choice of stay for a day or two day of your entire journey.

B. Hostel
According to us, a hostel or guesthouse is the best choice for you travelers with a limited budget in order to stay able to rest well at night. Especially in South Korea, this is currently crowded with tourists. Business lodging cheap kayak hostel or guesthouse is so increasingly stretched, to the extent that many Korean artists are also follow-up open the inn for a side business. So you do not need to worry about finding an inn that suits your taste and budget because the choice of hostels in Korea is a lot. But the most important is the price is very competitive.

With a range between 8500-9500 won, you can get a dormitory type that you will share with 8-10 others. But if you have more budgets and need your privacy or your own room, private rooms in inns are also not too expensive. The price ranges between 25000-50000 won with facilities that have equaled the hotel. Besides the price,personalized service and gathering experiences with other travelers from all over the world are also the attraction of hostels or guesthouses you will never find in a hotel.

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