Preparations to Travel to South Korea

Who does not dream of a holiday to South Korea? In order for the journey more comfortable and enjoyable, read the first 5 tips a walk to the country of KPOP

From Seoul to Jeju Island, South Korea has many tourist destinations. Not just the landscape and culture, shopping became a list of fun that is done there.

1. Create an itinerary
First, of course you have to prepare itinerary aka travel schedule. Want to travel how many days to South Korea and want to stop by any destination. So, you can properly budget your budget.

On the internet, there are already a lot of examples of holiday itinerary information to South Korea. You can read and make reference. Or if you want to create your own itinerary, it’s no problem as well. Prepare maps, so you can make travel itinerary correctly.

2. Book tickets ahead of time
South Korea has 7 international airports and its main airport is Incheon which is connected to various countries in the world, including Indonesia. There are 3 direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul, with a total of 25 flights during the week.

3. Know the weather in South Korea
From the official Visit Korea website, Korea has four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring starts from the end of March to early May, where you can see the blossoms of cherry blossoms.

Summer starts from June to August, and the peak summer is August with temperatures around 23 to 26 degrees Celsius. The weather is very hot towards the end of July until the end of August.

Autumn in Korea starts from September to November. The cold autumn air is also dry, and the sky is blue with a little cloud. Autumn is a beautiful season with falling leaves. Gingko trees and Maple trees change the color of their leaves to yellow and red throughout Korea.

Winter in Korea typically begins between December and February, with the coldest temperatures appearing in January reaching minus 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. While the best time to visit South Korea is in the autumn months, from September to November.
Do not get the wrong fashion there. LOL..

4. Buy T-Money
Do you know South Korean people everyday use T-Money to ride public transportation, such as buses and subways? Be it in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Daejeon, Incheon, Daegu, and Busan. T-Money can be found at subway stations.

By using T-Money, you can more easily pay each time you take public transportation. No need to spend cash, or bother opening a wallet. Moreover, T-Money can also be refilled.

In addition, when using T-Money, public transportation fares are cheaper than 100 won to pay with cash. Fun, T-Money can be used when transferring from one bus to another, one subway line to another, or from bus to subway or vice versa.

5. Take advantage of free tours in Seoul
Visit Korea Site which is the official site of South Korean tourism, showing a lot of information about tourist destinations, accommodation to transportation. One more, through the site, tourists can order a free tour!
Yes, the free tour is called Walking Tours. So, tourists will be invited to ride the bus and around the city of Seoul without charging a dime. Some destinations such as, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Han Sangsu Embroidery Museum, Buddhist Art Museum and others. There are many travel itineraries that can be selected according to taste.

This Walking Tour booking can be booked 3 days before the trip. As for the place to take the bus, there are at two locations, namely Insa Art Center and Bukchon Culture Center. Tour guides were prepared to accompany the trip, they can also explain in English.

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