The case of missing luggage is experienced by hundreds of passengers every day around the world. Do these simple tips before you experience missing luggage:

1. Do not check in last minute.
Allow enough time for the attendant to take care of your luggage and make sure the label attached to the luggage attached to your luggage is the right destination.

2. Avoid choosing connecting flight schedules too close.
If your plane is delayed, then the time to take care of moving your luggage to the next flight is getting narrower. The possibility of mistakes made by officers will be greater in conditions of work in a hurry.

3. Give special characteristic in your suitcase
Give special characteristic in your suitcase whether it is a strikingly colored ribbon or accessory, to minimize the likelihood of a suitcase in the wrong conveyor taken by someone else. Also give your contact information outside and in the suitcase, so the clerk can contact you, if your luggage is scattered.

4. Do not put precious objects in the suitcase that will enter the trunk.
The case of a suitcase burglary by a rampant person occurs. Photograph the contents of your suitcase and the shape of your suitcase. That way, you can check if there are any items in the suitcase that disappear or show the officer the shape of your suitcase, if lost.

5. Avoid purchasing too expensive luggage bag
As if it is missing, the flight insurance that we bought might not pay us the compensation as much as what we have spent for the expensive luggage bag. The flight company might only pay half of the luggage bag price compare to the total amount of what we have paid before.

For those of you who like vacation, you should not travel without security guarantees. Pay attention to these 4 things to make your vacation safe and comfortable:

1. What risks may occur during the trip? Some of which are always present: accidents, flight delays, flight cancellations, health impairments at destination, lost luggage, and fire.

2. Benefit you get. For example, the transfer of flight schedules, cancellations of travel schedules because of things beyond control, medical evacuation, whether the insurance also protects your residence from unexpected events, such as fire or theft.

3. Do not be afraid to ask. Some insurers do not explicitly explain the terms of the flight cancellation refund or flight schedule change. You should make sure that how this provision applies by asking directly to the agent.

Travel insurance is an important part that should be involved when you want to travel both domestically and abroad. Such insurance can not only be beneficial to yourself but also the people who are around you and other things left behind at home. Choosing the best travel insurance is very important because it is able to provide optimal protection and assurance of guarantee in case of unexpected things during the trip.

Currently, there are still many people who have not realized how important travel insurance when traveling. If disaster strikes, material losses are almost inevitable. Under such conditions a person will usually realize how important it is to get travel insurance.

In general, travel insurance has a function similar to the general insurance that is as one form of protection. What distinguishes this insurance with other types of insurance is only valid within a limited period of time during which the premium owner to travel until coming home.

Unfortunately there are still many people who do not know that travel insurance consists of a variety of types. The range of protection and benefits offered is greatly influenced by the amount of premiums paid.

However, the types of benefits normally offered by travel insurance are as follows:

The insurer will provide a sum of money for death or loss of limbs or total paralysis caused by accidents occurring on the way.

Double Closing:
Compensation to be given for personal accidents is usually duplicated if an accident occurs while on a scheduled commercial airplane.

Emergency Treatment:
Some travel insurance products provide benefits of emergency medical expenses. If you get sick while traveling and need a high cost for treatment, then this insurance can provide compensation in accordance with the costs to be paid or in accordance with the maximum amount that has been determined.

Medical Evacuation:
Some of the best travel insurance products provide 24-hour assistance facilities for emergencies around the world.

Baggage and Personal Goods:
This Insurance shall bear the loss arising from damage or loss of luggage during the trip, including any items in it or goods used during the trip. Even some insurance products will provide compensation in case of baggage delay within 12 hours more.

Travel insurance usually offers protection against a number of cases such as replacement of a scorch advance due to matters beyond the policyholder’s authority, flight delays over 12 hours, and the cost of food and beverage accommodation arising from continuous flight.

Home Protection:
This benefit aims to pay for damages caused by fire upon the insured whole house in an empty position due to the trip being made.
Tips on Choosing the Best Travel Insurance
Currently there are various kinds of travel insurance products on the market. Of course you hope to find the best service. Here are some things to find the best travel insurance.

Researching Coverage
Overview of all travel insurance policies look the same. Details about what clauses are covered and not covered can make a big difference. For example, although all policies generally offer emergency medical expenses, details on what coverage is covered, and exceptions may vary.

Compensation for flight delays, loss of documents, and loss of baggage are covered by the majority of policies. On the other hand, compensation for death or accidental disabilities may not be offered by all policies. Accident benefits are very important, especially when people fall into an adventure holiday. You should not just buy a policy that has the maximum coverage but that is in accordance with the each condition.

Goal Coverage
Perhaps the travel insurance company offers a policy that offers global coverage or only offers coverage in a specific geographic area. But there may already be sub clauses and exceptions in this regard. Similarly, when traveling to areas that are considered risky. For the area the premiums to be paid may be higher. In addition, the restrictions are also more stringent.

Health condition
Usually insurance companies do not bear the health conditions that have been there before. Although it seems to be beneficial to hide the health conditions that have been experienced before, when a claim occurs then the insurance company may ask for details of medical history that led to the claim was rejected.
You should be encouraged to explain all the details of health in the early stages with actual in order to avoid claim rejection.