The case of missing luggage is experienced by hundreds of passengers every day around the world. Do these simple tips before you experience missing luggage:

1. Do not check in last minute.
Allow enough time for the attendant to take care of your luggage and make sure the label attached to the luggage attached to your luggage is the right destination.

2. Avoid choosing connecting flight schedules too close.
If your plane is delayed, then the time to take care of moving your luggage to the next flight is getting narrower. The possibility of mistakes made by officers will be greater in conditions of work in a hurry.

3. Give special characteristic in your suitcase
Give special characteristic in your suitcase whether it is a strikingly colored ribbon or accessory, to minimize the likelihood of a suitcase in the wrong conveyor taken by someone else. Also give your contact information outside and in the suitcase, so the clerk can contact you, if your luggage is scattered.

4. Do not put precious objects in the suitcase that will enter the trunk.
The case of a suitcase burglary by a rampant person occurs. Photograph the contents of your suitcase and the shape of your suitcase. That way, you can check if there are any items in the suitcase that disappear or show the officer the shape of your suitcase, if lost.

5. Avoid purchasing too expensive luggage bag
As if it is missing, the flight insurance that we bought might not pay us the compensation as much as what we have spent for the expensive luggage bag. The flight company might only pay half of the luggage bag price compare to the total amount of what we have paid before.