2018 car models named Xpander
2018 car models named Xpander

“From the beginning I was talking when Xpander out, it will fill the segment of customers who need stylish models, like the first Cario,” said Executive General Manager PT Toyota Astra Motor, found in Sahid Sudirman Center, Central Jakarta.

Data owned by Toyota Astra Motor said, 40 percent of consumers low MPV came from wholesale buyers while 60 percent of personal consumers do like stylish cars. So, if the market fleet alias big party has been grasped, Toyota will also prepare the latest Avanza with many changes to answer the needs of consumers who want a stylish design.

Until now, Toyota admits it is still in the stage of study for the latest Avanza. Interestingly in the study period, aka pending completion, Toyota released Rush with a drastically changing design.

Even many people call, this car seems to try to ‘thump’ Xpander sales are fertile. No doubt if many parties judge this step is part of warming up for Toyota before actually releasing the Avanza with drastic changes.

“We start with Rush seven passengers and a stylish look. If Rush can track a stylish customer, maybe we will develop (new Avanza). But we will not leave the segment we have now 1.3 G MT (Avanza) is the most powerful and the largest composition 49 percent, “he said.

“Avanza has not gone down, about 10,000 units, 1.3 G MT is the most salable, because more rental and fleet customers,” said an expert, found in Jakarta.

Although aware of the trend of design changes, Toyota also claimed not to stay silent because now the automotive giant in Indonesia is claimed to be preparing the latest Avanza with drastic changes. This is important to perpetuate the nail business Avanza in the market that had been a car nicknamed ‘a million people’.

“We study again, why we study, because the 2018 car models segment (stylish) has entered two brands of Honda Mobilio and Xpander,” he said.