Karton box packaging materials
Karton box packaging materials

Selection of food packaging materials is one of the vital processes that must be considered by businessmen in the food industry. This is in line with the increasing public attention to health and hygiene.

For example, nowadays many people are keen to see whether the packaging material used is safe in contact with food or not. Some time ago in the mass media contains writing and coverage about whether or not the safe packaging of food with Styrofoam material.

In this article, we share two simple tips on selecting good food karton box packaging materials:

  1. Packaging the best food is packaging with the basic ingredients of food grade paper. Food grade paper is a paper that does not contain chemicals and metals that are harmful to health, and this is proven through laboratory testing at a trusted institution. Foods in direct contact with food grade paper are safe for consumption.
  2. It is not recommended to use UV (ultra violet) or varnish OPV (offset printed vurnish) varnish for food packaging. Both processes use materials that are not good for health. Indeed, the process of varnish is done to make the packaging look shiny, thus adding an exclusive impression. If so, then the best is WB varnish (water based), because generally the varnish waterbase materials have been tested safe for food.