Tips to Save Budget in South Korea

Having tight budget will not stop us from vacation to South Korea as we have several tips to apply to have wonderful trip there such as:

1. Do not Miss Discount Coupons and Other Offers You Can Get from the South Korean Government

South Korean government is really serious to develop tourism to become one of the mainstays of foreign exchange. The seriousness can be seen from the way they ‘serve’ travelers who visit the country. You will find all the information you need there.
Most importantly, on the site you will also be able to find many discounts specifically intended for foreign tourists. Each month the promotion is different so you should check the site frequently for the latest information. Take advantage of the opportunity to be free or discount that will certainly save your pocket.

A. Shopping Coupons
You will find an e-coupon or internet coupon that you can print at home before leaving for South Korea. By bringing the coupon, you will be able to discount shopping or discounted entrance fees of tourist attractions. You do not even need to register or fill in any information to download these coupons. Just download and print all the promotions before you leave for South Korea, free of charge.

B. Do not hesitate to Contest to Be a Special Offer
In addition to discount coupons, the Korean government must also have special offers like contests that you can follow to win special prizes. The contest is open to anyone and the prize is pretty good. Some have won free lodging, free tours, to K-pop artist concert tickets. Just try, who knows you’re lucky!

C. Goodwill Guide and Free Tour
The Korean government also has a special service called ‘goodwill guide’ for you who are confident in your ability to navigate yourself there. This service is free at no charge; you just have to send a request email to them some time before your departure. This program is not just made to pamper foreign tourists you know. Besides being a cultural exchange place, volunteers who will be our guide also use this opportunity to hone their foreign language skills

Besides the free tour guide, you will also find free tours in South Korea organized by the government as well as certain communities. You just need to send a registration form by email or get together at certain hours to join these tours. Suppose such a transit tour held by the government at Incheon Airport. If you have a few hours before your return to Indonesia, register yourself at the airport to be able to walk again for free.

D. Visit the Office of the Korean Tourism Office (KTO)
Here you can join in activities like Korean calligraphy or craft classes, play traditional Korean games with other travelers, or take pictures of traditional outfits. And you can do all these activities for free. Here also there is a special museum Hallyu or ‘Korean Wave’ that you can visit also with especially if not free. Just do not forget to come to this office while you’re there

Before you plan your tour budget or museum visit in South Korea, you should first check the discount or free activities offered by the Korean government almost every month on its official website. It could be throughout your journey you cannot even spend a dime for the streets aka Korean government sponsored holiday. How cool is the Korean government’s way of luring tourists to visit?! It is clear that more and more people are on holiday to South Korea if the government is as good as this.

2. Adjust Transport Mode In accordance with Your Needs and Goals

The South Korean government really knows how to pamper foreign tourists. For transportation matters, you do not need to be confused anymore. In South Korea, there is an integrated transportation card that will get you around South Korea very easily. With that card you can pay the bus, subway, taxi, even pay your grocery at some convenient store.

There are regular versions of ‘T-Money’ and a special version of the ‘Seoul City Plus Pass’ tourist whose price is not much different. If you buy a special tourist, you will get a variety of discounts to enter the sights and 5% discount for a special tourist bus ticket, ‘Seoul City Tour Bus’ which just stop at tourist attractions. But if you do not have enough time or are not interested in visiting all the sights, the usual ‘T-Money’ will be a more economical choice, just adjusted towards your needs there.

The more important thing to consider is the option to use the bus, subway (subway), or taxi. The choice to ride a bus or subway is not always going to be the cheapest option to get around in South Korea. Taxi costs are not too expensive and comfort is laughed

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